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जीनोट्रोपिन - थाईलैंड में ग्रोथ हार्मोन का सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्रांड

एचजीएच थाईलैंड

To date, Genotropin is the most popular growth hormone in Thailand
among people engaged in bodybuilding, wanting to lose weight or
undergo anti-aging growth hormone in Bangkok. We came to such
conclusion after numerous discussions with our clients who used

Chinese brands and their counterfeits earlier, then switched to our
growth hormone from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, on the basis of
these discussions we will understand more in detail and why.


100% Quality of assurance, safety of your health and protection of forgery

For a higher cost, you can get the original Belgian growth hormone
product Genotropin from Pfizer, Pfizer is the world’s leader in the
field of pharmaceuticals, medical defense - which speaks volumes.

High quality of the product, our partners conducted tests in the
laboratory for the content of growth hormone in the most popular
brands of growth hormone and that's what data were obtained

- Genotropin (Belgium) - content of self-growth (growth hormone) 98.5%
(Best indicator)

- Ansomone (China) - an indicator at the level of 60-70%, the rest of
the peptide hormones and their substitutes

- Jintropin (China) - a higher content of somatropin at 70%, peptide
hormones of unknown origin

- Hugotropin (China) - a drug of growth hormone with the lowest
content of the hormone of somatropin, only 45%, the rest of the
peptides of questionable and unknown origin

The same results were obtained on the basis of blood tests for
hormones from our clients and partners. In patients taking Genotropin,
the content of growth hormone in the blood is 2 times higher than the
Chinese counterparts, it shows better digestibility for organism.

Genotropin that once again proves the purity and quality of the
product of the correct intake and action on the human body.

Chinese HGH counterfeits or why risk for your health?

Many people try to save money by acquiring Chinese brands, often
without thinking about the risk of harming their health and the high
content of peptides of unknown origin.

In recent years, the number of fakes on the popular Chinese brand has
grown by more than 80%, with a high probability of buying the growth
hormone of Chinese brands from unproven suppliers - you will get a
fake for your money.

Growth Hormone - Genotropin is a unique and safe product

Genotropin due to its purity of 98.5% is completely absorbed by the
body without producing harmful decomposition products for the liver
unlike the Chinese counterparts.

Genotropin is completely safe, for your health. Perhaps that's why
many parents choose Genotropin to treat their children with growth
hormone deficiency at an early age or use genotropin as a steroid in
Bodybuilding, obesity therapy or an anti-aging program

How to distinguish a fake on Genotropin?

Unfortunately, in 2015-2016, for the first time, the first fakes on

Genotropin from China began to appear on the market, due to the
complexity of the technological production of pens, fortunately
forgery is easy to distinguish, below read 2 simple tips and a photo
how to distinguish a fake from the original

The inscription of 12 mg on the handle, try using a fingernail to tear
off this inscription, the paint comes down quickly in the fake, the
inscription on the original pen will remain as much as you would not

एचजीएच थाईलैंड

Dosage indicator - for the original product the indicator is always at
0.3 for falsification at 0.1

एचजीएच थाईलैंड

Convenience of using Genotropin, its transportation and storage

According to our customers' feedback with Genotropin it's easy to
travel, Genotropin never arouses suspicion when passing the customs
control of other countries, even if there is no prescription for it.
From Thailand, you can take out any amount of HGH without any
difficulties at the airport from Thailand and your country.

Chinese brands produce growth hormone in medical ampoules, in addition
if you still have a set of insulin syringes - be prepared to show the
prescription from the doctor for the transportation of medication and
this can be difficult

To use Genotropin, you do not need syringes and solutions to mix
growth hormone, you will never go wrong with the dosage, you just need
to set the dosage on the handle and your drug will be mixed
automatically with the dosage you need. Due to the fact that
Genotropin is in plastic - it better tolerates high temperatures and
storage outside the refrigerator, in contrast to glass bottles that
are easy to break everything else


Genotropin - it's really convenient, practical and completely safe and
legal and always ready to use

The result - our growth hormone pharmacist carries out courier
delivery of growth hormone, you can verify the originality of the
product before paying cash, we also deliver growth hormone to all
regions of Thailand, hope to see you among our regular customers from
the legal supplier of the original product in Thailand BuyHGHThailand.
com is the only legal supplier of the growth hormone product from
Pfizer having all the necessary certificates and permits

You can place your order now on this पृष्ठ

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